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Welcome to Kahveolgoy

 Columbia Gorge

Columbia Gorge


Wait how do you say it...

Kahve is pronounced "Kha-vay" and Kahve means "Coffee" in Turkish.  Ology means "subject of study". So together it means "the study of coffee".

Kahveology is a local artisan coffee roaster and cafe located in Portland's Sellwood neighborhood. We feature Sparrows Coffee (which is roasted fresh each week to ensure the best possible taste), Smith Tea, Brew Dr. Kombucha on tap, as well as our Nitro Cold brew. We serve a variety of fresh bagels and pastries from Marsee Bakery and specialize in Breakfast Tacos and Breakfast sandwiches.  

Come stop by and enjoy a comfortable and relaxing environment for meeting others, studying, or just relaxing with a cup of coffee.




Monday – Friday | 7am – 3pm

Saturday | 7am – 4pm

Sunday | 7am – 4pm